A teenage girl named Sahar, who recently lost her mother, tries to take care of her disabled father. After getting admitted to the university, she faces a moral dilemma as to whether or not to stay with her father or go after her dreams in search of a better future.

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Sahar is caught in the dilemma of having to live with her father or opposing everything in order to pursue her own dreams independently. The paradox surrounding Sahar is representative of the social conflict between traditional social values and modern life in Iran and of many other young women worldwide. We avoid subjective interpretations as our camera directly observes Sahar’s life, struggles, thoughts and wishes for her future by capturing the images of her warm relationship with her father, her arguments with her aunt, her endeavors to be successful in school, and her disapproval of her father’s remarriage, as she does not want another woman to bear the same dreadful fate.